Latest COVID Updates

*PLEASE NOTE* This page contains SMJFL directions from 2020. We will update this page as soon as we receive 2021 information.

In the new post-norm world, footy will look a lot different; but, if we all follow the guidelines, we can get the kids back playing NOW!

Game Day Restrictions – Get in, Get Out

There will be significant restrictions on game day and the guidelines are outlined in the safety checklist here.  Game days will be played at South Road and William St Reserve. Minimal spectators please  – only one parent be present and watch from the car. Bayside Council officials will police all grounds, ensuring social distancing and training regulations are followed. Significant fines will apply and any club breaking the rules could result in the cancellation of the season.

Mandatory Teamstuff App Attendance

All Teams must use Teamstuff App as their communication tool to record attendances at training and on game day.  The app has a prompt to remind parents to RSVP. In the event that someone contracts Covid-19 these attendance records will need to be presented to relevant authorities.